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Expert Diving Excursions

The Florida waters have many areas where you can have a thrilling diving adventure.

 A top quality diving experience for all.

  Learn some facts and get some tips.

  Safety is always on the top of the list.

  An unforgettable adventure.

1) 4 hour to 5 day charters available 
2) 6 person limit with no prior notice, or 8 person limit with 4 week notice.
3)  Breakfast can include- yogurts, fruits, granola, juices, bagels.
4) Lunch can include- hot dogs, hamburgers, chilled food salads,
     sloppy joes, sandwiches, special menus can be created for extra charge.
5) Dinner available from site menu only.
    Standard light breakfast and light lunch served, we like to
    keep breakfast and lunch light
    to keep the energy high for the fun things to do on board.
6) Alcohol allowed with signed liability waiver.
7) Dive gear available for rent at local dive shop. Standard industry rental costs apply.

No Diving Plan #1

With Diving Plan #1

Morning board: 
* Small light breakfast/brunch served at boarding. Safety walk and cabin assignments with boat walk thru.
* Leave the dock for Anclote Island for fun and games with paddle boarding, kayaking, or tubing ,water skiing behind our tender, snorkeling, spearfishing, fishing, beach party, shelling, and swimming. 
* Lunch at island location.
* After lunch same as above. 
* Dinner
* Quite time, and or same as above.
We could go to any of the numerous diving locations (ship wrecks, man made reefs, ledges or natural reefs) to snorkel, spearfish or fish if the guest would like.
* Same as "No dive Plan" with boarding n snacks n walk thru of boat.
* Leave dock for numerous dive sites within 15 mile radius of Tarpon Springs. (Boat ride takes 3 to 4 hours). 
* Arrive at dive site, have light lunch and dive planning occurs. With dive briefing of location as food settles and gear is assembled.
* After divers have left the water and secured gear, We have time for more water sports fun as "No dive Plan".
* Boat leaves for safe anchorage at Anclote Island or other safe anchoring location. (Depends on dive site location, we will go to the closest anchorage).
* Dinner is served from menu,  which they have selected. 
* 2nd day the same as first day.


All Veterans Get A 10% Discount


We take care of the little ones.


Price varies by type and duration of charter.

Optional purchase of underwater video and pictures of your entire vacation at the end of charter on a zip drive or DVD with previous request.

The Templar is docked at the world renowned Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks.