You can just watch these dolphin for hours.

You'll find yourself clinging to the deck rail to get a closer look at these clowns of the sea. Florida is well known for it's many places to watch dolphin.

Some Fun Facts For You

* Dolphins are mammals. They are not a fish. They nurse their young.

* Bottlenose dolphins can grow to 8 feet in length.

* They will weigh between 430-600 lbs.

* Bottlenose dolphins eat between 15-30 lbs of fish and sealife each day.

* They normally have just one calf about every two to three years.

* There have been recorded instances of twin calves.

* Calving season here on the Gulf Beaches usually peaks in May.

* A calf will suckle from the mother for 1-1/2 to 2 years.

* They will swim with their mothers for another 3-8 years.

* Calves are born in shallow water, either tail or head first.

* The little guys are about 3-1/2 to 4 ft long and weigh a little over 40 lbs.

* Sometimes, there is an assisting dolphin near. It can be a male or female.

Dolphin Watching

 Florida is known for it's huge amount of dolphin to watch.

A great opportunity for some pictures or videos..

 Always a big hit with the kids.

 Believe it or not dolphins like to watch you too.